About SMP Concrete Products Ltd.

SMP ConcreteEstablished in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone in 2001, SMP Concrete Products Ltd entered the agricultural precast market with a revolutionary portable cubicle system which has been developed over the last 15 years to gaining prominence in today’s agri market place.

SMP have developed a unique cubicle bed whereby the entire cubicle steelwork, either for the portable cubicle or adjustable cubicle system can be easily installed and removed from the concrete bed with minimal effort which now holds UK, Irish and European patents.
Over the past number of years the product range has increased to include cattle slats, cattle drinkers – ranging in size from 20 Gal right through to 400 Gallon, all rapid empty with rubber / silicone bungs, slurry channels, feed troughs, and blocks and the recent development of a double sided feed trough and a sand kerb for dairy farmers wishing to bed their cows with sand.
The sand kerb is designed to create a cubicle ‘heel stone‘ behind which sand can be placed to bed the cow. The kerb is uniquely shaped to reduce the risk of the animal pushing forward while lying in the bed, while also maintaining minimum sand spillage from the bed. The kerb is easily fitted to an existing concrete floor or foundation by simply bedding it with sand or mortar and bolting down through the recessed holes in the kerb.

The new double-sided feed trough / bunker is unique to SMP as the removable post system from the portable cubicle bed (patented), has been adapted to create a removable post in the trough to which a feed rail can be easily fixed.

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